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What does the emote ZULUL mean?

ZULUL is a reaction image and emote created for the streaming website Twitch.tv, based on the original emote LUL which was created from a picture of John “TotalBiscuit” Bain.

This variant is a brown skin-coloured version (not to be taken out of context) of the original emote LUL. The emote is used to express laughter (otherwise known as LOL-ing) on Twitch.tv and also as a mention to Pastor Lul, who the emote is based on.

The emote ZULUL is a variant of the original one called LUL, which are as following:


Search Interest

Origin of the emote

ZULUL was created in 2016. during a stream by popular broadcaster Forsen. While playing the game Hearthstone, he came across a website called TalkingBibles, which featured the story of Pastor Lul, who was a refugee.

The use of the emote is often accompanied with the phrase “Vi Von Zulul”. The emote was added to the FrankerFaceZ collection in late 2016.

FrankerFaceZ is browser extensions, which enhances your viewing experience on the streaming website Twitch.tv by adding new unique emote, chat features, etc.

Spread of the emote

Discovered and popularised by streamer Forsen, the emote has gained rapid daily use since 2016. Since then, lots of memes, videos and reaction images have been created based on it.

As of 10/12/2019. ZULUL is 43rd on the top 100 most used emotes list according to the website StreamElements.

Further information/sources

  • Know Your Meme – ZULUL
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