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What does Wypipo mean?

Wypipo is a phonetic writing of the phrase “white people”.

It is mostly encountered on the internet and is mainly used by black users, although white people may also embrace the expression, especially if they are associated with anti-racist movements.

The most probable reason for the term is to avoid the algorithms of social media sites, which try to locate and remove posts, as well as users, speaking out against one group of people, or the other.

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Origin of the term

The phrase was possibly in use for a while, but its earliest known instance online dates back to 2012, when it appeared in a Twitter comment, related to an incident, where a white woman breastfed her dog.

Spread of the term

Since that day, wypipo is often encountered on social media, especially Twitter’s black user base, which often shares encounters with racist and disrespectful people.

People are known to like these kinds of posts, since they have an opportunity to channel their general rage and frustration towards a certain “enemy”.

The term appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2016.

A modified version of the word; wypipologist is the term for a person, who studied the behavior and lifestyle of Caucasians, as to better understand them.

Kinda, like a zoologist for whites.


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