Wolf tickets

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What does Wolf tickets mean?

The phrase “wolf tickets” is a slang for speaking aggressively to someone, but with no intention of backing it up with violence, so it’s like threatening others without doing anything to them.

People call this behaviour “selling the wolf tickets” and it’s typically used by the so called alpha male/female who think the world is revolving around them and that they are so much higher than everybody else and deserve to get everything they want.

The slang version comes from North African descent and means “bark but no bite”.

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Origin of the term

The term “wolf tickets” originates from the story called “The Boy who cried Wolf”, which portrays a boy who kept getting people to come help him, saying there is a wolf threat, but there was nothing there, until it actually happened, but by then no one believed him and he died.

Similarly people who are “selling wolf tickets” say they are going to hurt you but there is no danger in their words, just like in the story.

Spread of the term

As 2020. the term “wolf tickets” is used on social websites like Twitter, Facebook and other sites like 4chan.org and Reddit, where people use it to describe people who threaten others daily in the streets, but take no action.

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