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What does Wink wonk mean?

An impression of a flirtatious act for socially awkward people which is also a way to make almost anything sound dirty.

Wink wonk is primarily used as spam to gain someone’s attention or just to annoy them but can also be used to replace random words in a sentence for comedic effect.

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Origin of the term

The term has originally surfaced in a discord server but quickly spread to a few small streams and channels on YouTube and Twitch causing them to gain views but have their chats spammed with wink wonk non-stop.

It is most popular among the small youtuber “HeyItsUltra”s community, however it has not continued to spread further in the future.

Spread of the term

Since its initial appearance, the term has been mostly used on Twitch and Youtube channels to spam the broadcaster in their chat, mostly as annoyance or to follow the trend.

Mentions of wink wonk can also be found in short youtube meme compilation videos and reaction gifs.

Given its simplicity, the term can easily be used in collages and memes.

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