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What does Wignat mean?

Wignat is short for “wigger nationalist”.

Wigger is a combination of the words “white” and “nigger”, and it refers to a person who is white, but behaves in a way that is stereotypical for a black person, for example, copying the African American hip hop culture.

A Wignat, or wigger nationalist, is a neo-nazi, but even more extreme.

They support taking to violence and mass murder for the sake of non-jew, white race purity.

Nuclear warfare is also in their major interests, and they have a strong machiavellianistic view – they are willing to drop bombs over whole cities, sacrificing millions of people, also white, to reach their Nazi, fascist goals, if they se that it will aid them in eliminating the remaining minorities.

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Origin of the term

A combination of wigger and nationalist.

The slang seems to have evolved between late 2018 and early 2019, when “regular” Nazis found that some of the members in their movement seemed to be “next level” and “too extreme”, and started calling these people Wignats.

Spread of the term

It is a derogatory term, usually used by a non-wignat person, about someone who is extremely neo-Nazi, to a mentally unstable level.

News media platforms has been known to use the word, for example, on November 14th in 2018, Daily Stormer reported a Wignat being arrested in connection to a Synagogue shooting.

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