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What does the meme Well Played mean?

Well played is a bittersweet online catchphrase often seen in gaming forums and on meme platforms.

A person who says “well played” owns his defeat in a mature, classy manner.

The phrase is used to show admiration when someone completes a task beautifully, or wins a competition, either against you or anyone else.

Just to confuse you, the phrase can also be used i the exact opposite situation.

If someone fails miserably at a task or competition, you could sarcastically tell them “well played”, just to make them feel bad, like any good friend would.

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Origin of the meme

The first written instance of “well played” was in the 1894 farce called Well Played, or, The Major’s Dilemma: An Entirely New and Original Farce in One Act by British Arthur Francis
Knight .

The play takes on the competitive environment of egocentric nobles in the face of conflict.

Spread of the meme

While the phrase has existed and been moderately used for over a century, its popularity increased significantly in 2012 when the first “well played” memes started circulating the internet.

The memes come in two forms. One is a reaction meme, such as the screenshot of Leonardo Dicaprio wearing a suit, cheering, with the caption “Well played, Sir… Well played”.

The other type is any image that shows a clever and obvious backstory with the caption “well played”, to show appreciation for their cleverness.

An example is an image of a birthday cake disguised as a bunch of artichokes, so that no one will bother to try to steal a slice, because they think it’s just some vegetables.

The image is captioned with “well played” in bold, white letters.

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