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What does Wehraboo mean?

Wehraboo is the nickname of people who adore the Wehrmacht.

Wehrmacht was the combination of all armed forces of Nazi Germany, which existed from 1935-1945. It included the army, navy and the airforce.

Wehraboos have great admiration for the Nazi forces, and is often found to be Nazi apologists. They believe that the Wehrmacht was the greatest military force that ever existed.

The Wehraboos will often refuse to believe any facts provided to them that goes against their own belief of the superiority of the Wehrmacht.

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Origin of the term

The Wehrmacht was the first to apply “Blitzcrieg” in war, a combination of multiple arms tactics, leading them to victory in France, North Africa and the Soviet Union. This, in addition to their heavy artillery, inspires great admiration in many Wehraboos.

They were closely operating with SS and Einsatzgruppen, but Wehraboos will often deny their participation in war crimes.

Wehraboo is a combination of Wehrmacht and the ending “-aboo”which describes a person with special obsessions, such as “weaboo”, a person obsessed with Japanese culture, or “freaboo”, a British person obsessed with the USA.

Spread of the term

Adult men are the biggest fan group, often with connections to the military or to Germany.

The majority denies any Nazi beliefs, but some will state that the wrong side won the war.

You can find Wehraboo youtube channels, podcasts, magazines and other social media platforms which focus on an interest in the Wehrmacht.

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