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What does Wagecuck mean?

A wagecuck is a person who is stuck in a dead-end job with no opportunity for advancement in their career, nor financially.

They have no relationship prospects as they can barely take care of themselves in their paycheck to paycheck minimum-wage job, often found unattractive by women.

The “wagecuck” is considered a “cuck” because all he can do is hope to get a woman, and he is surrounded by happy relationships every day, but he will never be in one. All the women has gone to “Chad’s”, the peak of masculinity.

The worst part is, their tax dollars go to support everyone else, even single mothers with the offspring of “Chad”.

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Origin of the term

“Wagecuck” is another expression that stems in incel-culture. It was created by men who are in involuntary celibacy, and claim that the reason for it is that everyone else is stupid.

The term was created in 2015, and is a combination of the words “wage”, as in salary, and “cuck”, a person who is watching his partner or other people having sex.

Spread of the term

According to Google Trends, the main interest for this expression is in USA.

In 2019, Incel Inside, a wiki page for incels, published a definition of the term, describing “wagecucks” as sad, lonely people.

The phenomenon has also become a meme, and the sad Wojak image is used in many of them, as that is what most “wagecucks” are assumed to be. Sad.


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  • Know Your Meme – Wagie
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