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What does the meme Uno Reverse Card mean?

Uno Reverse Card is one of the more powerful ones in the game Uno, which surely everyone knows.

It is used to reverse the rotation of the turns in the game and it had entered popular culture as a metaphor for the karmic cycle, in which everything returns.

UNO Reverse cards

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Origin of the meme

Urban Dictionary had listed it to its grand archives in 2018, when user Coolkid87611 added a definition on the card as “An upgraded no u” with the example of insulting a friend, who in turn flips out the reverse card and kills the insulter.

Spread of the meme

Not a month after the Urban Dictionary entry, a photoshopped image of the reverse card was uploaded to Imgur, where it reads “No U”.

In October, 2018, a Reddit thread had launched, dedicated to people who had experienced the might, glory and destructive power of the Uno Reverse Card.

One of the more popular memes of the subreddit is the epic handshake, depicting the similarity between the overpowered “No U” comeback and the enchanted reverse card.


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