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What does Understall mean?

The meaning behind the term Understall is engaging in anonymous gay intercourse, usually oral sex.

It happens in public spaces, like under the partition walls of a public restroom or in other public lavatories.

There are also equivalents of the gay slang “understall”, such as the UK slang “cottaging” or the Australian English term which is “beat”.

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Origin of the term

By the 1960s, the term’s use in the sense of having anonymous sex between males had become an exclusively homosexual slang term.

Also, in Britain they use the word “cottage” to refer to the act, because in the Victorian Era cottages were referring to private restrooms. Meanwhile, among gay men in the United States, lavatories used for this purpose are called “tea rooms”.

Spread of the term

On different social media platforms, such as Reddit or Tumblr, the term gained more and more recognition over the years.

Also, on Urban Dictionary, the first entry of the term “understall” or “under the stall”  was written in 2010, which also shows that the phrase has been around for a long time now on the internet.

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