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What does the emote TriKool mean?

TriKool is a FrankerFaceZ extension Twitch TV emote; a variation of the original TriHard emote, depicting the streamer TriHex with a big, open mouth smile and eyes gleaming with excitement… except TriKool, because it depicts the guy with some paint drawn shades over his eyes.

The emote is used to give way to expressing enthusiasm and happiness.


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Origin of the emote

The original image used for the emote comes from a 2012 anime convention in Texas, where the Twitch streamer is seen taking a photo with a woman and posing enthusiastically with a Dragon Ball poster.

TriKool had been added to the FrankerFaceZ library in 2019 by the user HuronFN.

Spread of the emote

 As of 2020, the emote in question had been used in 438 sets – a relatively low number in the vast sea of emotes of the streaming site, though it will certainly grow, mainly because of the identifiable nature of the emote and its strong resemblance of the original.


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