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What does Trigglypuff mean?

Trigglypuff is the given nickname of a student of Hampshire College, namely Cora Segal who was caught on camera, getting triggered during the aptly named event, called The Triggering.

Her uncanny resemblance of the Pokémon Jifflypuff resulted in the creation of the portmanteau, Trigglypuff.


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Origin of the term

The Trigerring happened on 25th of April, 2016. During the occasion Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Christina Hoff Sommers were discussing politically correct movements as well as 3rd wave feminism, which resulted in a protest in the audience.

The news site of the campus, named Campus Reform uploaded a video of the incident on YouTube, which gained great popularity, mostly because of the amusing visuals we get, once Cora is triggered.

Spread of the term

In the following days, Trigglypuff had conquered YouTube, in several videos, one such is where she is set “dancing” on the tune of Dragostea Din Tei, from the Numa Numa video.

She had also managed to spread onto Reddit, Twitter as well as 4chan, where users gladly bathed her in hate and used the fitting portmanteau. She had even got her very own thread on Reddit’s /pol/ discussion on 4chan.


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