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What does Treesh mean?

Treesh is a New York slang word for hos, also known as thots.

A treesh is a textbook whore, changing their men like they change their clothes.

If treesh had an illustration in a dictionary, it would be a woman, with leopard pattern leggings, pink top, incredibly long nails and dyed blonde hair.

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Origin of the term

The term comes from the hip hop subculture in New York.

While it is impossible, to determine the exact time, it is originating from, it was most likely already used by the 2000’s.

Treesh probably derived from the word “trash” modifying it in a comical way, resulting in a unique sounding, but expressive term, which label these thots perfectly.

Spread of the term

Treesh appeared in several rap songs, like “In the Jam” by Nas Blixy, where he spits the line “6 in the demon, no love for a treesh, baby girl you can suck with the s*men.”

Urban Dictionary has plenty of definitions, trying to define a whore in various clever ways.

The earliest entry on Urban Dictionary appeared in 2016, but every year since then resulted in a bunch of definitions appearing on the term.

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