Tokyo Sandblaster

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What does Tokyo Sandblaster mean?

Tokyo Sandblaster has two different definitions:

  1. A sexual act done by the Japanese after WW2. After the victory of Iwo Jima, the Japanese soldiers would collect and bring home some of the black, volcanic sand from Iwo Jima, cover their genitals in it, then have intercourse with their wives, so that they could also feel their pain and shame.
  2. A scatological activity, involving one person with strong diarrhea to put their ass very close to someone’s face, squeeze their butt cheeks together to cause pressure, then blast the persons face with feces, causing the person to squint – consequently making their eyes look asian.

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Origin of the term

The definition involving sand and intercourse stems from the Japanese soldiers of Iwo Jima during World War 2.

The second definition involving feces was developed by Conan O’Brien, host of “The Conan Show”.

Conan first mentioned it in the premiere of his TBS show, while going through a list of topics the NBC didn’t want him to talk about, together with the TBS producer.

Spread of the term

As far as the internet goes, neither of the two definitions seem to be activities that are done frequently.

Regarding the Japanese soldiers, besides definitions from a few various sources, there seems to be no historical evidence to prove it happened.

For the diarrhea definition, there is a separate sexual perversion around sharing feces, so one can not exclude that it has been done.

Further information/sources

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