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What does Tilted mean?

Tilted describes someone who suffered a loss in a videogame, for example lost some valuable items, lost a fight or similar, and is therefore in a bad or angry mood for a period afterwards.

Because of their emotional state, the players abilities in the game are decreased, and they will take higher risks to try to win back what they lost – often with no luck, leaving them even more upset.

The term is mainly used in video games, but also heard in brain challenging games with high stakes, such as chess and poker.


Origin of the term

The slang is assumed to originate in pinball machines – when the player would get so angry that they would tilt the whole pinball machine.

It was first used as a slang for an angry, aggressive emotional state in poker, but was soon adopted by video gamers and chess players.

Spread of the term

Besides Tilt or Tilting being an emotional state, other players may tactically Tilt other players.

Some gamers use this as a strategy to upset the other player, bettering their own chances of winning.

The term is mainly used in games and esports, but can be associated in daily situations when someone pushes you to the edge and “tilts” you over it.


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