Those Bastards Lied to Me

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What does the meme Those Bastards Lied to Me mean?

Those Bastards Lied to Me is a popular reboot of the “So That Was a Fucking Lie” meme.

The image macro in title features Richard “Old Man” Harrison in a screenshot from the world famous Pawn Stars series.

It is usually depicted with false advertisements or statements.

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Origin of the meme

The life of this meme began in December 2018, on Reddit, the hive of all memes, when Hancho_Nick posted a picture to the /r/memes thread of the site, complaining about falsely advertising JPEG images as PGN.

It had gotten lots of points and in a few days it had already spread to various subreddits.

Spread of the meme

The image macro had quickly been adopted by the memers of the internet, initially by Redditors on subreddits, such as /r/memeeconomy and /r/dankmemes, but it had also spread to various other meme platforms, like Facebook meme groups, Instagram meme sites, 9GAG just to list the usual and most populated ones.

Several versions and editions exist of the format, as it is ideal and easy to edit.

Various topics have presented themselves on the meme, ranging from terrorism to history to more relatable, everyday family drama stuff.

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