The great American Challenge

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What does The great American Challenge mean?

The great American Challenge is a modern day drinking game, mainly played by highschool students.

The rule set is surprisingly simple: Teams of 4 players each race each other to first finish a 30 pack of beer, followed by an eighth of an ounce of marijuana then continue to eat 2 large pizzas and finish the challenge by solving a 100 piece puzzle.

The trend is mainly present in the USA and has been participated in there for over a decade.

There is also a giant 15 inch dildo that was branded “the great American challenge”.

Search Interest

Origin of the term

The exact time when the Challenge was created is unknown. It has however been popular in the United states for over 10 years and had it´s first entry in the Urban Dictionairy as early as 2009.

The Dildo on the other hand has become a popular product on Amazon, following public interest in the great American Challenge.

Spread of the term

The great American Challenge has not yet made it to be a globally known drinking game and is mainly participated in in the USA.

It is however getting more and more attention due to the big media presence the Challenge has recently gotten.

Other sites like the Urban Dictionairy or Reddit, where topics like the great American Challenge are discussed on the frequent further helped spreading the word of it´s existance.

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