Sweater Meat

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What does Sweater Meat mean?

Sweater meat is the juicy lump of flesh, hidden within the veils of a jersey, cardigan or turtleneck; it is the sweet, round bosom of women.

“Sweater meat” is used especially for large breasts, whose shape can be observed despite the fabric in the way.

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Origin of the term

The name, while impossible to pinpoint the date and origin of its conception, is fitting and self-explanatory; it refers to the meaty breasts, women hide with bras and sweaters.

The term was most likely devised in the late 20th century, during the 1990’s or 1980’s.

By the era of the internet, the expression had already been existing for a while and several blogs from the early 2000’s were mentioning it, as a preferred euphemism for breasts.

Spread of the term

The first Urban Dictionary entry, that shed light on the phrase for the dwellers of the internet, was written in 2003.

Since then there had been multiple other attempts on the site at finding a shrewder way of describing the meat of the sweater.

Today, most people know what “sweater meat” means, and men are not going to picture a lump of bloody meat, wrapped in the cardigans of grandma.

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