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What does Sugondese mean?

The word “Sugondese” is a play on words that means “suck on these”, commonly used as a country to fool people.

Very similar to “Ligma” which is also a play on words to create false interest on what the word means or what is the person referring to when saying it. Usually the kick of it comes from the context it is in.

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Origin of the term

Originates from Dolan Dark’s meme compilation video, where he fooled Pewdiepie with the play on words. He can basically claim to have created the meme.

Dolan Dark and Pewdiepie are both Youtuber content creators, who now mostly do meme content and keep up with latest trends in their videos.

Spread of the term

It is very widespread, since Dolan Dark is a quite popular youtuber with videos having view counts in the millions and since Pewdiepie has also acknowledged the meme on his “meme review” video segment, it blew it up even further as he has close to a 100 million subscribers.

“Sugondese” memes along with “Ligma” are posted daily on message boards like 4chan and reddit with “winning” screenshots, where people actually fell for the bait.


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