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What does Squigga mean?

The slang term Squigga has two major, equally offensive meanings.

One of them refers to the image macro of black Squidward. “Squidward” is a character in the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, in which he is usually greenish blue, but someone decided to turn him black for shits and giggles.

In this case, the slang is a combination of the name “Squidward” and the offensive, racist N-word. This version is synonymous to “Nigward”.

Another definition is that a “squigga” is a black squirrel. Again, a combination of the term “squirrel” and the N-word.

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Origin of the term

The first definition, a black Squidward, seems to be the earliest one, and appeared online somewhere between 2005 and 2010.

This image macro was soon used with the text “I, Squigga, officially grant people who find this meme the n-word pass. Signed, Squigga”.

“N-word pass” is an imaginary pass that hypothetically allows a white person to use the racial slur without the consequences. Please note that such a pass does not really exist.

The black squirrel version took off  in 2012, after a person wrote a short narrative about hearing a black person on the street referring to a squirrel as “my squigga!”

Spread of the term

In 2017, user Carlos Reynoso uploaded a video to YouTube with the title “Og Squigga Snatches Homies Blunt”. The video involves two guys joking about handing a nearby squirrel their joint, resulting in the squirrel actually grabbing it and running away with it.

One of the guys are telling it “you’re my squigga”.

The video got close to 90K views within 2 years.

In 2015, Reddit user cmartini21 shared an image macro of the short text with the man calling a squirrel “squigga” into the subreddit r/BlackPeopleTwitter. It received 107 upvotes, but was soon removed from the sub because of it being offensive towards black people.

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