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What does the emote SquadW mean?

SquadW is both a slang and an emote on the popular video platform for gamers, Twitch.

It is used in circumstances where clear double standards between men and women are seen.

The emote is a magnified face shot of the Twitch streamer “Trainwrecks” who’s speeches is often about double standards in society, somewhat exaggerated, so it is not meant to be taken 100% seriously.

Whenever it is mentioned that any girl gets special treatment on Twitch, the comments are spammed with the emote of “Trainwreck” or the slang SquadW.

squadW (Posterized)

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Origin of the emote

SquadW, the slang and emote, originates from “Trainwrecks”, a Twitch streamer who is strongly opinionated about double standards.

When watchers would comment that they agreed with him or additional examples of double standards, he would reply by calling them “SquadW baby”.

The emote was first posted on the Trainwreck subreddit September, 2018.

Spread of the emote

The majority of the use of the word or emote is on its original platform, Twitch.

It is used either negatively aimed towards women getting special treatment, or against so-called “incels” or “anti-sjw” who promote opinions against women.

Trainwreck himself will also use the term about his supporters, however, his anti-sjw attitudes has become decreasingly exaggerated and more moderate over time.

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