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What does Spick mean?

Spick, sometimes written “spic” is a derogatory ethnic slur against Hispanic people.

Some even compare it to the extremely racist slur “nigger” used about black people, although, it is not used as often.

The term is racist and offensive, and often results in a negative response. It is considered hate-speech.

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if the person is Hispanic or not. If they look like they are not 100% white, there is a chance that they will be called “spick” by some ignorant character.

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Origin of the term

The term’s exact origin is still under discussion.

Some claim it stems from the way Hispanic people pronounce “speak”, when they try to say “I don’t speak English”. Native English speakers found this funny, so they started using the mispronounced term to mock them.

Others explain that it is way more complicated than that, and even the Irish and the Catholic church is involved.

When great numbers of Irish migrated to the US, and took their catholicism with them, it was all new for the Americans, and they started calling the Irish with the “unusual” Christianity “Micks”.

Later, when Hispanics started migrating in great numbers – also Catholic –  the Americans put two and two together and called them “Spanish micks” later shortened to “spicks”.

Spread of the term

Predictably, white US citizens are the major users of the derogatory slur, as many Americans do not welcome foreigners, particularly from across the south border, into their country.

While the exact origin remains unclear, it later came into the picture that the acronym “SPIC” was used by US police, meaning “Spanish Person In Custody”, and that it assumably was not meant to be offensive at all. However, the acronym could also be a convenient coincidence.

Further information/sources

  • Urban Dictionary – Spick
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