So It Begins

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What does So It Begins mean?

So it begins is one of the most memorable quotes from the legendary Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The phrase is uttered by the stress ridden King Théoden in the second installment of the three film long story.

The sentence is often quoted in relation to ominous events, to express a perturbation about the situation.

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Origin of the meme

Where does So It Begins come from?

The second installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy was released in 2002 and in one of the scenes, where the two sides are preparing for the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

King Théoden, leader of the defenders mutters the words, as he sees the enemy army approaching in the heavy rain: “So it begins”.

Spread of the meme

How did So It Begins spread?

 The phrase had been first written about on Urban Dictionary in 2009.

“So it begins” became a meme after a post on Reddit in 2013, on which a child was displayed, standing next to a pole, on a table.

Soon after that, an image macro was created with a photo of Gandalf from the fantasy epic, mixed with the phrase.

The meme had been reoccurring on platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and 9GAG, either in the previously mentioned image macro containing Gandalf, or on the original frame taken from the movie.


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