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What does Snowballing mean?

Snowballing is a strange yet amazingly creative sexual practice; at least I would never have come up with it.

It is basically passing semen from one mouth to another, with spit, increasing its volume, similar to a snowball, rolled in the fresh snow.

I am still boggled, whether people like it for the taste or just the practice of spitting stuff into the mouths of one another.

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Origin of the term

Snowballing most likely was invented by gay or bisexual men of the last century, when homosexuality became a topic more and more discussed and familiar to people.

With the new millennium, gay people saw an increase in their rights as well as gotten more and more accepted by progressive cultures, though some places and people are still rigidly against it.

This recognition and freedom had led to the free discussion of the practices, homosexuals indulge in, including snowballing.

Spread of the term

The internet had also given a new platform for the curious to inquire about snowballing, with Urban Dictionary adding definitions on the practice as early as 2003.

A 2004 study had found, that from 1200 gay or bisexual men, 20% had already partook in the practice at some point in their lives.

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