Snow bunny

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What does Snow bunny mean?

 An ethnic based slur for a white woman. It is a derogatory term used by people of color towards caucasian women.

Another definition is, an attractive woman who enjoys winter sports such as snowboarding or skiing.

Alternative definitions are:

  • A woman who does cocaine.
  • A white woman who is together with a black man.

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Origin of the term

Bunny is a usual endearing word used for pretty or sweet women, take for example the Playboy bunny. Therefore, naturally, a snow bunny is a pretty, sweet or attractive woman, in the snow.

However, calling someone a bunny can also indicate that the person is innocent, naive or even dim, being the basis of the derogatory term towards white women.

An example is when a character in the 2007 book “Best Black Plays”, states that a black man isn’t a real black man if he is hunting for “snow bunnies”, AKA white women.

Spread of the term

Male skiers or snowboarders will use the word “snow bunnies” if an attractive woman passes them in the snow, and in this case it would be more of a compliment.

The term is not widespread outside of the skiing facilities. Although it is an ethnic slur, it is not much used as an insult either.

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DaDa posted on 10-4-2020:

Hm, “coloured people” is the only term you could conjure?

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