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What does Smokeshow mean?

Smokeshow is yet another way of calling someone attractive, most likely originating from the association of “hot” with smoke, as fire is the natural example of hotness and it smokes as well.

While it is primarily utilized for women, it may also be seen applied for men.

Throwback Smokeshow

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Origin of the term

It is hard to determine the origin of the phrase, as it is still not enjoying such a grand popularity as other alternatives to calling someone looking good.

Its first mention online can be traced back to a 2003 Urban Dictionary entry, where the phrase is described as a “term used to describe an extremely hot girl”.

Smokeshow probably was created in association with the expression “smoking hot” as things that are emitting smoke are often used as some kind of attraction… the same thing you feel, when you notice a smoking hot chick.

Spread of the term

The use of the term had surged in 2008, when the online magazine, Barstool Sports started to publish issues of “Smokeshow of the Day”.

This is basically selecting a hot chick, in a swimsuit and awarding her the daily title, while also providing some research material for the readers of the magazine.


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