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What does Sleezy mean?

Sleezy is the misspelled version of the word sleazy, that is referring to a product or a place of low quality and a bad reputation.

People with a “sleezy” attitude are not the ones that are most sought after neither in relationships, friend circles or possibly even workplaces, so make sure you don’t include the term in your resume, especially not in its misspelled form.

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Origin of the term

Multiple sources cite Silesia as the origin of the word sleazy, as in the 1600’s it was a region notorious for the low quality of exported linens.

In its titular spelling it was first used in the 1820’s, though its popularity never truly prevailed, possibly because this way of spelling is a sleazy one.

Spread of the term

“Sleezy” had spread mostly in subcultures and slang contexts, though it is still not the most widely encountered term out there.

Urban Dictionary cited it to their definitions first in 2004, after which several other interpretations and summaries followed.

Further information/sources

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