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What does WWG1WGA mean?

The acronym WWG1WGA is made up of the initials of a very supportive phrase; “Where We Go One, We Go All”.

It is usually seen as a hashtag to a post on any social media platform, but if you dig just a tiny bit deeper, you will often find it associated with heaps of conspiracy theory sites.

“WWG1WGA” has two meanings, one is to never give up, the other is to never leave anyone behind.

A group of interconnected conspiracy theories under the name of QAnon, often contradictory and incoherent, are usually behind the usage of the acronym.

QAnon believes that there exists a covert, global “deep state” whose main goal was to remove (former) US president Trump from the white house.

“WWG1WGA” is just one of many mottos the collective has shared, in addition to “The calm before the storm”, “QAnon8chan” and more.

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What's the origin of WWG1WGA?

The “WWG1WGA” hashtag was first used in 2018 by the extremist right-wing group members on Twitter.

QAnon created the acronym to unify them.

Spread and Usage

How did WWG1WGA spread?

While “WWG1WGA” was meant to unify the conservative, racist group supporting Donald Trump, the faceless internet society Anonymous were quick to hijack their racist agenda.

The hashtag then spread throughout Twitter and other social media such as TikTok videos as a positive motto.

Particularly Asian K-pop music groups started using the tag, destroying the original negative purpose of it, and a part of QAnon along with it.

Thanks to Anonymous, the racist “white supremacy” group is one big step back, and humanity wins again.

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