Trap House

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What does Trap House mean?

Trap house, or crack house refers to a residence or an abandoned building, where illicit drugs are sold, manufactured as well as stashed.

Precursor chemicals and materials are also often found here, as the production of the illegal drugs often happens at the spot.

The theme is often reoccurring in hip hop, as well as trap music.

It’s not just a trap house, its a…

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What's the origin ofTrap House

The phenomenon originates from the United States, in the 1980’s, when public services and forces were withdrawn from inner city neighborhoods, letting them further deteriorate, as well as placing homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers and public housing centers at the areas, further increasing the amount of people living below standards.

In these areas the use of illicit substances provided in a momentary escape from the harsh environment, resulting in the booming of illegal drug trade and the forming of “trap houses”, where the needs of the neighborhood were satisfied.

The term refers to the dangers of a “trap house”; once you enter, you risk getting stuck there for long.

Spread & Usage

How did Trap House spread?

“Trap houses” had turned into a defining part of these blighted neighborhoods, and had spread all across the United States, as well as appearing in the United Kingdom and many other countries across the globe.

It is not uncommon that locals tried to take matters in their hand by destroying or burning the “trap house” down.

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