Swamp ass

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What does Swamp ass mean?

Swamp ass is a vulgar term for when a persons behind gets so sweaty that it feels like their ass is in a swamp.

It can happen on a very hot day, during intense physical activity, or wearing non-breathing fabrics in the area, like latex.

In some cases it can be a sign of extremely bad hygiene.

The condition is especially serious in between the buttcheeks, and up to the persons scrotum or vagina.

It’s uncomfortableness is often worsened by excessive hair growth in the area, as well as it giving up an awkward smell.

Other, even more distasteful versions exist, such as the mud ass. It has the same concept, but instead of sweat, your behind is moist with your own feces.

Yeah, the dream is: no swamp ass.

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What's the origin of Swamp ass?

Swamp ass refers to the extreme moistness of a natural swamp, and assigns it to a physiological phenomena.

The term was first described online in the early 2000’s.

Spread and Usage

How did Swamp ass spread?

It is a rather vulgar term and is not normally used in situations with people you don’t know too well.

However, it seems to be a widespread issue, especially amongst men who has stronger hair growth, as the internet provides numerous guidelines, advice pages and remedies to solve the Swamp ass issue.

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