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What does Stud mean?

A Stud is a man who is particularly attractive, muscular, fit, and very popular amongst women.

He may or may not have a good personality, but he doesn’t need it – his looks is usually enough to get him laid.

You generally don’t find a “stud” in a relationship, because he loves the attention and casual sex, and women will gladly sleep with him.

With his luscious hair, muscular, tan body and shiny white smile, he is an alpha male, and a sex symbol.

Saturday Stud *Photographer Focus* – Rick Day

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What's the origin of Stud?

The term originates from horsekeeping and breeding.

When it comes to animal breeding, a “stud” is a male horse – stallion – with good physique and good genes that is used exclusively for breeding.

The “stud” is favored because of its healthy and pure bloodline, and is often moved around between different horse owners who temporarily place him together with various mares to create the best possible offspring.

Spread and Usage

How did Stud spread?

Muscular American football players, body builders, and other athletes are all referred to as “studs”.

The term was swiftly adopted by the homosexual community when describing attractive possible sexual partners.

It can also be used about a masculine lesbian woman, but is more often used to describe men.

“Stud” is synonymous to other slang like “hunk”, “Chad” and “Alpha male”.

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