Shit Show

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What does Shit Show mean?

Shit show is a slang expression for a tragic turn of events, that spiral down into total chaos, with no divine interference to save the day.

A “shit show” usually goes hand in hand with great incompetence and bad luck, resulting in devastating outcomes.

The phrase is excellently described by the never ending stock of bad luck, defining the year 2020.

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What's the origin of Shit Show?

Initially, “shit show” was used in the 70’s as a slang term for mockery, as well as an unfortunate turn of events, resulting in terrible outcomes.

With time passing, the mockery connotation of the phrase receded, giving more prominence of the show part of the expression, conveying meanings of a display of terrible happenings.

Some people even drop a tiny bit of delight in the mischief, finding entertainment and fun in the spectacle, presented by misfortune.

Spread and Usage

How did Shit Show spread?

With the era of the internet, “shit show” had gotten more and more incorporated into the stock of slang expressions for people.

Urban Dictionary’s first article on the subject was uploaded in 2003, with a large amount of other entries since then.

The year 2020 had brought a new height for the use of “shit storm”, as the entire year feels like a never ending spiral of pure bad luck.

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