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What does Sapiophile mean?

A person who is sapiophile is particularly attracted to intelligence in a person, whether it be in a romantic way, or in a sexual way.

Sapiophiles could never be attracted to a person who is playing dumb.

They get interested in a person if they can have a long, meaningful conversation with them, if they have a good education, or if they find them reading a clever book.

Even showing clever, witty humour is more attractive to them than a pretty face, or something as simple as correct grammar.

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What's the origin of Sapiophile?

“Sapio” is derived from the latin word for the modern man “homo sapiens”, which means “wise man”. Hence, “sapio” is the latin word for wise or intelligent.

“Phile”, just as in “heterophile” and “homophile” means “lover of”.

Leaving us with the meaning of the term: “Lover of intelligence”.

Spread and Usage

How did Sapiophile spread?

The term is often used on dating sites or apps, and on social media, indicating what the person looks for in a partner.

Most sapiophiles self-identify themselves as one, and they will normally be looking for a partner who is one as well.

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