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What does Ergophobia mean?

Ergophobia is a persistent and unusual disorder, in which the patient is put into a state of fear by the idea of going to work or finding a job.

The condition is related to a couple of other social phobias and/or performance anxieties, which could be a result or source for “ergophobia”.

These usually include a fear of failing at one’s task, a fear of performing in front of coworkers or a fear of to socialize with them.

Apart from these anxieties, a subject of “ergophobia” may also be concerned about suffering mental, emotional or physical trauma at the workplace.

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What's the origin of Ergophobia?

The condition was first defined by William Upson in 1905 as the “art of laziness”, though the term had been used in a New Jersey hospital during the 1860’s.

“Ergophobia” is comprised of the Greek words ergon, meaning work and –phobia, which means fear.

The condition is considered to be a burnout, a consequence of long persisting stress and pressure at a workplace.

Spread and Usage

How did Ergophobia spread?

“Ergophobia” is considered to be a similar syndrome to social and generalized anxiety disorders, sometimes anxiety about going to work or performing certain tasks is a symptom of these anxiety disorders.

The condition may also be a result or indicator to agoraphobia, a disorder in which the patient doesn’t want to leave the house.

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