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What does Zug zug mean?

Zug zug has multiple meanings and origins.

For gamers, it is a phrase used by orcs in the Warcraft game series.

The orcs usually speak English, so that the gamers can understand whatever they are telling them, but they occasionally slip in some Orcish words.

Zug zug is an affirmative phrase, and directly translated from Orcish means “yes yes”, and is similar in meaning to a simple “okay”.

Unrelated to Warcraft, it is also assumed to be the term for sex in caveman speech.

Zug Zug. The game that got me started.

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What's the origin of Zug zug?

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG fantasy game first released in 2004, by Blizzard.

The game features multiple humanoid fantasy creatures, such as the orcs, and they will have their own stories and languages.

Zug zug is yes yes in the Orcish language.

For caveman speech, Zug zug was first used as the term for sex in the old comedy film Caveman from 1981, featuring Ringo Starr and Dennis Quaid.

Spread and Usage

How did Zug zug spread?

The phrase is not actively used in daily speech.

It is jokingly expressed by World of Warcraft enthusiasts online or in real life.

Some have even dedicated themselves so much to the game that they have learned the full Orcish language.

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