No Way Fag

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What does No Way Fag mean?

No way fag is a phrase that is tightly concatenated with an exploitable drawing, that usually features popular video game characters in a meme format.

The essence of no way fag is to portray one character as somebody who is sexually advancing, and the other bluntly denying these advancemets with a single sentence, creating the image of an independent and confident individual.

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What's the origin of No Way Fag?

The original creator of the artwork is a Tumblr graphic artist called Plague of Gripes, who submitted his drawing to the site in 2014.

The drawing featured 2 main characters of the Resident Evil franchise, namely Leon Kennedy and Ashley Graham. It was inspired by the last scene of Resident Evil’s 4th episode, where Leon saves Ashley and they ride out on a jet-ski together as the game ends.

Spread and Usage

How did No Way Fag spread?

The artwork didn’t receive too much exposure for more than 2 years, with only a few users reblogging it and solely on Tumblr.

During the year 2015, it was submitted on Reddit but yet again, only a few people paid attention to it.

However, in 2016 the no way fag meme landed on 4chan, and the exploitable finally started to gather major attention, eventually inspiring the original artist Plague of Gripes to replicate the artwork in a variety of different forms and characters.

The term no way fag was submitted to the database of Urban Dictionary in 2021.

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