Hard Times Make Strong Men


What does Hard Times Make Strong Men mean?

Hard times make strong men (or hard times create strong men) is a quote from the American author and novel-writer G. Michael Hopf.

The quote is often used in public discourse as a tool to brighten up the mood when times are tough and when it is hard to find motivation.


What's the origin of Hard Times Make Strong Men?

  1. Michael Hopf published his post-apocalyptic novel titled Those Who Remain as part of The New World book series in 2016.

It is this book within which he contemplates with the idea that weaker and stronger forms of generations are cyclically replacing each other throughout history. The quote from the book is the following: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.

Spread & Usage

How did Hard Times Make Strong Men spread?

The quote obviously has a great ring to it, therefore since the book’s release many people started quoting it in the hope of supporting a political agenda. A good example for this is a Twitter post from 2021 by MMA fighter Tim Kennedy, who drew a parallel in his post between today’s generation’s lack of strong men and America’s domestic affairs.

In 2019, a historical book titled Hard times make strong men was released by author Stefan Aarino.

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