Ha, gay!

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What does Ha, gay! mean?

The term, “ha, gay!” comes from the sitcom, Community, where one of the characters, Señor Ben Chang pulls it out of his sleeve with a unique enunciation, that made watchers remember and reutilize the scene in YouTubePoop videos and montages.

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What's the origin of Ha, gay!?

The quote first appeared in the season two premier of the Tv Show, titled “Anthropology 101”.

The episode aired in 2010, and not soon after its appearance, the clip was uploaded onto YouTube and was featured on the front page of Reddit.

Spread and Usage

How did Ha, gay! spread?

Still in 2010, a comic was made about two guys being lost in an arctic blizzard and hugging, to conserve heat.

Suddenly a seal appears and calls them both “Gaaaaaayyy”.

The seal is just known as Homophobic Seal among fans of the comic.

The scene from the series has become a major internet phenomenon since then, being featured in memes, GIFs, and lots of YouTube videos.

It had conquered all major sites on the internet, from 9gag, to Reddit and 4chan, to Facebook and Instagram.

The character, Ben Chang even got turned into a rage comic character.

The quote got its definition on Urban Dictionary back in 2013.s

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