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What does Boofing mean?

Boofing refers to the act of consuming alcohol or other, illegal drugs through one’s rectum, in hopes of maximizing intoxication.

The term may also refer to anal sexual intercourse or concealing and smuggling illicit substances in one’s rectal cavity, as well as the accumulation of gas in the guts (flatulence).

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What's the origin of Boofing?

The verb was made popular in the 1980’s, due to several cameos in pop culture, such as music and film.

The term itself originates from the word buttfuck, which was later modified into bu-fu and finally boofing”.

It appears in contexts such as the song of Frank Zappa; Valley Girl, as well as the movie Teen Wolf.

Spread and Usage

How did Boofing spread?

By the 2000’s the phenomenon got largely popular, because drugs are more intoxicating, if taken rectally than when they are taken orally, as they enter the bloodstream significantly faster.

The phenomenon, however truly took off, when Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in a hearing about a sexual assault allegation.

Kavanaugh here explained, that the question in his high school yearbook “Have you boofed yet?” refers to flatulence.

The term appeared in the archives of Urban Dictionary as early as 2004.

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