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What does Oneitis mean?

Oneitis is the slang for having a strong romantic obsession with one person, with no reasonable explanation for it.

A person with Oneitis will obsess over a person around the clock. Everything the other person touches is holy, everything they do is blessed.

The person with Oneitis’ perception is clouded with a massive crush, making the other person seem like a deity.

They will not consider any other potential romantic partners, they will not listen to their friends and they will fail to be productive in any other areas of their life.

Ironically, this extreme obsession is often the reason why the person with Oneitis doesn’t attract their crush.

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What's the origin of Oneitis?

The term is made up of one + itis, “one” referring to the one and only person they are interested in, and “-itis” referring to it as an illness, as it is a medical suffix meaning inflammation

It was first mentioned in literature in 2008, in Zander Martin’s “The Players”.

Spread and Usage

How did Oneitis spread?

Although Oneitis as an unprofessional term, it is viewed as a serious issue and even illness by many.

Therefore, the internet is filled with “Steps how to get over Oneitis”, “The cure for Oneitis” and similar self-help guides and articles.

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