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What does Normie mean?

Normie is a derogatory term used mostly by memers and web dwellers, people that describe themselves as nonconformists, to describe a person conforming into the widely accepted and believed social norms and standards.

The expression is often seen on 4chan’s greentext stories, where it describes certain characters, mostly as a pejorative brand. Normies don’t consider themselves normies and are always categorized as such by someone else.

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What's the origin of Normie?

The term was first used in texts related to mental health and addiction, appearing in the book of Stephanie Brown; Treating the Alcoholic: A Developmental Model of Recovery.

It first surfaced on the internet on the page of James L. Drush, who is an addiction recovery councelor. There he explains the most common characteristics of normies.

The expression was on Urban Dictionary as early as 2004, with several other definitions added about it ever since.

Spread and Usage

How did Normie spread?

The term started to appear on 4chan in the late 2000’s, where it remains the most widely embraced. The true explosion however happened after 2012, when it appeared on the /r9k/ board of the site.

We may often see the Angry Pepe reaction image close to rants about the mediocre nature of normies and conformists.

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