Miss Me With That Gay Shit

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What does Miss Me With That Gay Shit mean?

Because of its wording, the phrase can be taken out of context and deemed homophobic, however that is not the case as the word “gay” in this situation means something that you disapprove of and is not a derogatory term against homosexuals.

The phrase “Miss Me With That Gay Shit” can be used to express your disapproval in given situations.

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What's the origin of Miss Me With That Gay Shit?

The first recorded mention of “Miss Me With That Gay Shit” was in 2015, when a user posted a video of him saying it for the first time in its context now, to the video sharing platform called Vine, which is now defunct, however it is unknown if the phrase has been in use before.

Spread and Usage

How did Miss Me With That Gay Shit spread?

After its first appearance on Vine, the phrase has ventured on to spread all over the internet, first being used in a YouTube video, which has later spawned hundreds of images featuring the phrase.

Later, in 2016, an entry was submitted to the website called Urban Dictionary, explaining the meaning of the phrase and usual context of it.

Users have taken this to the next level and instead of showing disapproval of said “Gay Shit”, they accept is and embrace it, further popularising the meme.

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