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What does Minge mean?

Minge is yet another word, utilized to refer to the female genitalia; something mankind had been obsessed with since the beginning of time.

While originally the term wasn’t used to refer to the vagina itself, rather to the labia majora and the pubic mound, it is now applied synonymously to the words “cunt” or “pussy” especially in England and Australia.

Carrot minge i ate.

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What's the origin of Minge?

The word most likely originates from the Romani word “mintš” which also refers to the genital area of women.

The Romani people had traversed the whole of Europe and they are present in several countries.

This presence had led to some loanwords appear in all languages, which interacted with Romani in these times, from French to English to Serbian and Hungarian.

Many of these languages also use the word “minge” or “mindzs” or something similar to refer to the female reproductive organ.

Spread and Usage

How did Minge spread?

Minge had enjoyed large popularity in England and Australia, especially, but it had also made appearances in American mediums, such as the season 10 episode 5 of South Park, titled “A Million Little Fibers” in which the vagina and the anus of Oprah Winfrey are personified, the vagina having a British accent, being named “Minge”.

The anus is called Gary.

External References

  • Urban Dictionary – Minge

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