Irish Exit

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What does Irish Exit mean?

An Irish exit is the departure of choice of many drunk one night standers, who regret their choice the next day, when they see their chosen mate, without being intoxicated.

It is to vanish quietly, without any trace and never leave any indicators, that could prove, you’ve ever existed.

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What's the origin of Irish Exit?

The term was born, thanks to the great potato famine in Ireland, which resulted in millions of Irish natives to up and leave, which at the time meant, they would never be seen again.

The idea behind the phrase comes from this fact, though it takes it a bit further, as someone, who performs an Irish exit today, probably will not say goodbye.

Spread and Usage

How did Irish Exit spread?

The phrase has been embedded in American culture a lot, and is often encountered; usually in situations, when someone pulls and Irish exit on you and your friends and you’re left wondering where they went.

Urban Dictionary has had a definition on Irish exit since 2006, though this entry defines it as “leaving a social event drunk, with no recollection of when and how.”

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