Sigma Male


What does Sigma Male mean?

Sigma male refers to a character classification of successful, popular but highly independent men, who could be described adequately by the phrase “lone wolf”.

There are many famous cultural characters that are acclaimed by many to be a “sigma male”.

These include Neo from The Matrix, John Wick as well as Han Solo from the Star Wars saga.


What's the origin of Sigma Male?

The phrase would first start seeing use on the blog of Vox Day, also known as Theodore Robert Beale, who would publish numerous articles about the hierarchy of masculinity, involving the popular tool of Greek letters, resulting in phrases such as Alpha Male or Omega Male.

An early case of “Sigma Male” emerged in Vox Day’s article, published under the title “Explaining Sigma. Again” on May 16th, 2010.

Spread & Usage

How did Sigma Male spread?

The phrase grew prominent in the 2010’s, appearing on sites like Medium, Conscious Rethink and Hack Spirit.

In 2014, the subreddit r/SigmaMales was created, with a moderate number of followers as of 2021.

The phenomenon reached many for the first time in January, 2021, when @LillySimpson1312 tweeted “what the f- is going on with men” along with several images, revolving around the theme of “Sigma Male”.

Many Twitter users would respond to the tweet joking about men’s obsessions of a social hierarchy.

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