Search Google or Type a URL

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What does Search Google or Type a URL mean?

Search Google or type a URL is a commonly occurring phrase, recognized by anyone who used the Google search engine in the past decades.

It is displayed with a semi-transparent font in the search bar and is often searched for by people, who are bored out of their minds with access to the internet.

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What's the origin of Search Google or Type a URL?

The text appeared on Google’s search bar following 2005.

Bored students, office workers and anyone else not knowing what to do with themselves in front of a computer screen have been using the text to elude boredom.

Spread and Usage

How did Search Google or Type a URL spread?

The expression is still searched for up to this day, as of March 29th, 2021.

“Search Google or type a URL” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2018, with many other entries written since that time.

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