I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

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What does I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This mean?

I can’t believe you’ve done this is a term that refers to a viral video that features a British kid in sunglasses and bandana, who is suddenly getting slapped in the face by his mate.

Since the clip has gone viral, I can’t believe you’ve done this became a catchphrase and familiar way to express genuine feelings of surprise. It has also been featured in many memes, and the audio of the clip is often used in remix videos.

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What's the origin of I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This?

The original video was uploaded on YouTube in 2007 by the guy featured in the video, Paul Weedon, who submitted the clip on his own channel called PWee28.

Paul confessed during an interview in 2021 that the clip was not scripted and he never intended the clip to go viral. Despite that, the original video generated over 12 million views before it was taken down from YouTube.

Spread and Usage

How did I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This spread?

The same year the original video was uploaded, in 2007, I can’t believe you’ve done this received its own definition on Urban Dictionary.

The catchphrase has been also featured on the flash-sharing site YTMND, and later on Reddit as well.

The original video was removed from YouTube in 2021.

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