What does Catturd mean?

Catturd refers to a popular Twitter page, which publishes posts, giving voice to a conservative and pro-Republican stance.

The page is often associated with President Donald Trump as well as his popular catchphrase, Make America Great Again.

The profile picture and the general avatar of “Catturd” online is a white cat, wearing glasses, slightly resembling Chemistry Cat from an earlier image macro series.


What's the origin of Catturd?

The Twitter page, “Catturd” was first launched on the social media site in September, 2018, amassing a large number of followers over time, reaching over half a million, as of June 29th, 2021.

Tweets of the page would gain a lot of popularity, getting reposted on Twitter as well as on other sites.

Spread & Usage

How did Catturd spread?

While “Catturd” remains the most popular on Twitter, the phenomenon had spread elsewhere on the internet, including the very own site of the page, ilovecatturd as well as YouTube, where parodies and video edits featuring the cat alongside Donald Trump are rampant to this day.

“Catturd” also appears in the podcast series, Patriots in Tune.

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