Can I Get a Hoya?

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What does Can I Get a Hoya? mean?

Can I get a hoya? is a popular call and response phrase, frequent on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube videos.

While the exact meaning of the term “hoya” is unclear, some claim it to be a modified version of the phrases “hell yea” and “hooyah”, combined, while others say it is the imitation of a moan, let loose by a climaxing woman.

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What's the origin of Can I Get a Hoya??

The exact origin of “can I get a hoya” is unknown, although several phrases can be named as predecessor of it.

“Hooah” or “Oorah” used to be a battle cry in the US Army, used for boosting morale and going to battle.

A similar rally call emerged in wrestling in the 1990’s, where Stone Cold Steve Austin would shout “can I get a hell yea?”.

Screaming hoya was a popular trend in Britain at the turn of the millennium, which set the foundation for the fad.

“Can I get a hoya?” was popularized in the 2010’s by Instagram influencer Alissa Violet in her videos.

Spread and Usage

How did Can I Get a Hoya? spread?

Over the years, “can I get a hoya?” had become an online sensation, with numerous Instagram videos, Vines and TikToks featuring the phrase.

“Can I Get a hoya?” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2017.

On March 3rd, 2018, the song of the band SOYA, titled “Can I get a? (Hoya)” was uploaded to the YouTube channel Luke Harris.

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Bob posted on 9-7-2021:

Army says Hooah, not Hooya

marcy posted on 10-21-2021:

can i get a hoya

jadon posted on 11-2-2021:


Im making this name just for this comment posted on 11-2-2021:


Lawesy71 posted on 12-2-2021:

I honestly never new what it mean my friend said it mean wanna have sex

scott posted on 1-29-2022:

can i get hoya was actually used alot at britishs chools back in 2001-2007 so its just hipsters re using it again

Thrill Will posted on 3-23-2022:

I always thought it originated from ppl making fun of caucasian/white women always moaning/yelling “hooh-yeaaa” 🤷🏽‍♂️

What do you think? Any additions friend?

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