Begone thot

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What does Begone thot mean?

Begone thot is a slang expression used as a dismissal of somebody, who is considered as a thot, which is a synonym for a slut, whore (or a hoe for short).

On the internet the phrase is used as a caption on image macros featuring characters with glowing red eyes and the begone thot under it as a reaction to slutty behaviour, pictured by attention whores.

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What's the origin of Begone thot?

Begone thot is first appeared on twitter in mid-2015 on the social media site Twitter.

The poster did a mock of a spray bottle from an advertisement, labelled Thot / Bitch be gone spray.

Right after posting the picture, it has grew in popularity and got thousand of retweets, thus creating a trend of calling girl who acted like attention whores on the internet, thots.

Spread and Usage

How did Begone thot spread?

After it’s debut in 2015. the phrase has gone on to spawn countless memes/reaction images that were posted to multiple subpages on the messaging board site Reddit.

The expression is used daily driver on image sharing sites like 9gag and Imgur and messaging board sites like 4chan and Reddit.

The trend is, if you see a Thot online, you have to react to it accordingly, by using the phrase.

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